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Looking for the easiest way to begin improving your golf game? Or maybe you’re seeking to get more satisfaction and relaxation during your ro...
2 total hours
Frazer Bond is going to take you through the fundamentals of Golf. You will learn about Posture, Grip, and Swing, fully illustrated with different ...
1 total hour
Overview In this course you will learn the art of sports betting. It takes more than luck to win a wager and become successful at sports betting. A...
4 total hours
Welcome to the ultimate golf physical therapy course. Here you will learn how to optimize your own golf game, by performing physical therapy exerci...
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Health & Fitness
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Breaking 100 is the biggest hurdle for average golfers. As a matter of fact, something like 50% of golfers will never break 100. But it doesn’...
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Have you ever wanted to learn disc golf but didn’t know how to get started and what discs to get? Afraid of everyone watching you while you t...
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Health & Fitness
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“The consequence of winning is one of the most common desires of persons affiliated with the sport. Athletes, coaches, and sport managers act in wa...
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